Our Philosophy

Because Health was founded on a better model of care — one designed around human needs for a higher level of specialty, quality, and accessibility. We offer this through rigorous credentialing, excellent customer experience, and the innovative application of technology.

Our entire team believes in helping you build trust-based relationships with your doctor. Rather than simply writing a common prescription and sending you on your way, your whole health specialist will collaborate with you as your long-term optimized health advisor, help you manage your health issues and navigate complex decisions, and empower you with the knowledge and guidance you need to feel your best. We use diagnostic tests appropriately to personalize treatment for your body, and strive to ensure that follow-up plans are clearly understood.

Moreover, we’re focused on caring for you in a holistic manner — taking all aspects of your health and lifestyle into consideration. To help you restore and maintain optimal health, we’ve made some specialty services available to you in-person at select locations, in addition to our telemedicine platform. As we grow, we’ll continue to add more services to make our sex positive care as comprehensive and effective as possible.

Your specialist at Because Health is your first point of contact for your health care needs, bringing you the peace of mind that comes from having a trusted advisor in your corner. But should you ever require a specialty consultation outside our scope of services, we’ll help you make the best possible choice.